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Welcome to the Viking and Anglo-Saxon section of The Historic Games Shop. We hope you'll enjoy looking at the games, and, if you'd like to know more about them, you might like to visit our YouTube channel, where you can watch our short video introduction to Viking Games, amongst others. Or watch the video below!


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The earliest style of chess pieces, based on the medieval Indian army
Two-sided gaming board inspired by a find from the Gokstad ship burial
£ 12.00
A 9 x 9 version of this excellent Viking strategy game
A game which has stood the test of time - popular from Roman times to the present day
Large oak board, 10" x 10", with ceramic playing pieces
Our standard version, of quarter-sawn oak, with ceramic playing pieces
The 9 x 9 version of tafl, common in Viking contexts; with C18th rules recorded by Carl Linneaus
The 11 x 11 variant of Hnefatafl, recorded in a sixteenth century Welsh manuscript - please note, linen pouch only available
One of our best-selling combinations at a special price
A common find in Viking graves
Our version in yew wood of these enigmatic Viking artefacts

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