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Welcome to the Tudor and Elizabethan section of The Historic Games Shop. We hope you'll enjoy looking at the games, and, if you'd like to know more about them, you might like to visit our YouTube channel, where you can watch our short video introduction to board games of the period amongst others. Or watch the video below!


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Games collection with Nine Men's Morris, C16th playing cards and dice games from the sixteenth century
A game popular from the fourteenth century onwards which pits one fox against a gaggle of geese
Four wood dice with rules for games popular from Tudor times to the eighteenth century
A game which has stood the test of time - popular from Roman times to the present day
From £24.00
Sixteenth century predecessor to the cribbage board
A set based on the cards of Pierre Marechal of Rouen, France, dating to 1567
Our own rule book, plus reproduction playing cards from 1567
Cards designed by Jost Amman, dating from 1588
"Satirical" cards designed c.1540; with the rules to Karnöffel
Oak spinning dice, used for the game of Put and Take
Three wooden dice with rules to the popular historic dice game of Hazard
Based on a gameboard from the Mary Rose
A fun marble-rolling game
Reversible oak board with one game on each side