Historic board games played by Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans; by Medieval people, Tudors and Elizabethans; during the English Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars; and all points between. Also reproduction historic playing cards, dice and dice games, and a range of accessories, including our own historic games rule books.

Our main range of historic board games have leather or linen boards with hardwood playing pieces, and come handily-packed in sturdy cardboard tubes with full instructions for play and brief notes on the history of the game. Popular with reenactors and games enthusiasts; we also supply these to many historical properties and museum shops, as well as for school and museum handling boxes; these will usually be in stock in our online shop. Wholesale enquiries are welcomed.

The Historic Games Shop also makes reproductions of historically-documented or archaeological finds of games, including early chess sets, suitable for museum display, historical interpretation, or for reenactment. Game boards can be painted, as historic illustrations show many were, or of unpainted quarter-sawn oak; and carved or turned hardwood playing pieces can be plain, stained, or painted. We also make and supply games to film, theatre and TV companies. You can find examples in our online shop when available. Commissions are welcomed.

In our shop you'll also find our own Play with History! range of abstract strategy games inspired by history; and - if you fancy something completely different - our Faeries Games fantastical board and dice games, all featuring trolls, pixies, goblins, faeries and, of course, cheese...

In April 2020 we set up The Historic Games Club as a response to the coronavirus lockdown; and we're continuing to maintain it as a virtual library of free historic games. A great way to learn more and try out a few of the games!

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