Welcome to The Historic Games Shop's Gallery

We've had time recently to make lots of the games that we started making in our Gothic Green Oak days - authentic reproductions of historic board games (and a few other types of games), drawing on evidence from historical documents or archaeological finds, as well as research by games historians.

Below you can see a taster of some of these games. Clicking on any of the the images will take you to that item in our shop, from where you should be able to explore further!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you shortly!

Reproduction oak backgammon board, with inlayed box and yew points; with beech wood counters and bone dice in leather pouch
C15th Tables ("Backgammon")
Oak Ludus Latrunculorum board, bone counters, with game in play
Ludus Latrunculorum with bone counters; one of several sizes in stock
Reconstruction of an early medieval chess set
Early medieval chess pieces, on one our medieval-style oak chess boards
9 x 9 tafl board of oak, with glazed ceramic playing pieces
Quarter-sawn oak 9 x 9 tafl or tablut board, with glazed ceramic pieces
Hand-painted chess board, black and white squares, with oak border
Hand-painted reproduction chess board, with oak border; various sizes
Reconstruction of Gokstad game board – Nine Men’s Morris side
Reconstruction of the 9th/10th century Gokstad ship burial, showing Nine Men’s Morris; hnefatafl board on reverse
Duodecim Scripta or Alea, 2-row oak board with glass oculi counters and bone dice
Late Roman Duodecim Scripta; oak board, glass oculi counters, and bone dice
Selenus chess pieces – king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, pawn
The first and simplest of the highly-ornamented Selenus-style chess sets, originating in the early C17th
Troll Madam, oak board with nine numbered arches and leather pouch of fired clay marbles
Troll Madam - a marble-rolling game also known as Pigeon Hole, Bridgeboard, Nine Holes or Small Trunkes
Reproduction eighteenth century box backgammon board, with painted points, beech wood counters and bone dice
Eighteenth century box backgammon board, with painted points, beech wood counters and bone dice
Several reproduction boxwood Viking long dice from The Historic Games Shop
Viking long dice; box wood. A popular accessory for Viking reenactment
Alea Evangelii, quarter-sawn oak board
Alea Evangelii - the largest of the tafl games; known from an Anglo-Saxon document
Copy in oak of the Holt Board, from second century North Wales
Quarter-sawn oak copy of the fired clay Duodecim Scripta-type board from Holt in North Wales
Rithmomachia - leather board with hand-painted pieces
Rithmomachia; a mathematical game developed by monks in the eleventh century
Circular chess board with Publicius chess pieces
Circular chess; painted oak board with turned and carved pieces in the style of Jacobus Publicius, dated to c. 1482

We hope you enjoyed our gallery. There are many more games to be seen in our online shop.  Once in the shop you should be able to find games organised by period as well as by type, via the dropdown menus at the top of pages.