In 2005, as Gothic Green Oak we began making historic board games, some well known and many much less well known; some just a few hundred years old, some well over two thousand years old. Our focus was largely on European games, though some have their origins further afield, and some have spread beyond Europe to the rest of the world.

The Historic Games Shop was created more recently by Gothic Green Oak to sell the best and most popular of these historical games and gaming-related items. All of our Historic Games Shop games have been chosen for their historical significance, but also for their playability - they are all really great games.

When we began designing our own abstract strategy games, all with historic themes, Play with History was born. These games recreate historic clashes from Roman times through to the twentieth century. All are two-player games, are a little more complex than most of the more popular historic games, but are easily playable by most from c. 12 years of age.

In our latest exciting new venture, Faeries Games, we are developing a range of board and dice games that explore Northern European folklore and mythology. Not all that seriously though! So expect lots of trolls, giants and goblins, wizards and witches, elves and faeries. There'll be plundered gold, battles and banishments, spells and invocations ... and cheeses...